27th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation System - 22 a 27 maio 2020


Dear colleagues!

The COVID-19 pandemic concerns many countries in the World. It leads to travel restrictions and confinement in many territories. The situation is unfortunately not expected to be over rapidly. Under this force majeure circumstances the Program Committee of the 27th Saint Petersburg International Conference on Integrated Navigation Systems (ICINS-2020) decided to hold the conference in web-format providing access to pre-recorded video presentations of papers.

The time allotted for video presentations of invited and plenary papers remains unchanged – 45 and 20 minutes, respectively. The time for video presentations of poster papers is extended up to 5 minutes.

The following changes are made in the deadlines of paper submission:

Deadline for submission of paper texts – April 15, 2020.

Deadline for submission of video presentations – May 1, 2020.

The Program Committee has also decided to reduce the registration fee for participation in the conference: for foreign conferees (including students and post-graduates) the minimum possible fee is 250$.

Deadline of the registration fee payment for authors – May 1, 2020.

For authors who comply with all the conditions and dates, the paper texts will be included in the Conference Proceedings and hosted in the IEEEXplore library, and also will be submitted for indexing in citation databases Web of Science and Scopus.

Despite the today’s difficult situation, the Program and Organizing Committees of ICINS-2020 try to do they best to hold this-year conference at the traditional high scientific level.

Thank you for understanding and patience, and, please, take good care of yourself!

Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia

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2020 AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition (2020 AIAA AVIATION Forum) - 15 a 19 junho 2020

The AIAA AVIATION Forum is the only aviation event that covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology. The 2020 forum will bring together experts to share ideas on aeroacoustics; applied aerodynamics; fluid dynamics; multidisciplinary design optimization; air traffic operations, management, and systems; and much more.

Where: Reno, Nevada, USA

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Aerospace & Defense Meetings Sevilla - 16 a 18 junho 2020

¡Un día de conferencias de alto nivel de dedicado enteramente a la innovación y las políticas de contratación y de cadena de suministro de los grandes fabricantes de equipos originales de España. Una oportunidad de conocer a los profesionales de alto nivel de la industria y unirse al debate!

Nuestro foro de negocios ofrece a las empresas aeroespaciales la oportunidad de identificar y solicitar con antelación reuniones con contactos estratégicos.

Aerospace & Defense Meetings Sevilla ofrece reuniones programadas con anterioridad en base a su propia elección. Esta es una herramienta muy útil para que la cadena de suministro, departamentos de compras, equipos técnicos, proveedores y contratistas puedan ahorrar tiempo y contactar con la persona adecuada para analizar necesidades y capacidades.

Where: Sevilla

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Industrie Paris - 23 a 26 de junho 2020

Building on a success that was acclaimed in both France and abroad, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE returned from 5th to 8th March 2019 and has been hosted this time by the Eurexpo Exhibition Centre in Lyons.
Lyon makes sense for a number of reasons:

–    Alternating with Paris every other year allows a substantial fresh pool of visitors and therefore business opportunities to be tapped into.
–    The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is one of the EU’s most important in terms of area, population and the wealth that is generated there as a result of it strategic position at the crossroads of Europe, its proximity to major markets, its competitiveness clusters, its living environment, and its young, active and growing population.
–    It is a major industrial region. Its industry generates 18% added value compared with 14% for mainland France as a whole and it is involved in a diverse array of activities, and in particular in semi-finished goods and equipment with a strong emphasis on exports. It has strengths in many cutting-edge areas such as: machines, digital, electronic components, energy, pharmaceuticals and medical technologies, screw cutting, rubber/tyres, plastics, eco-technologies … The Michelin Group, which has its corporate headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, is the region’s leading employer.
–    INDUSTRIE was already being held every other year in Lyon with increasing success. In 2017 it attracted 24,934 visitors (+22%) and 1,006 exhibitors (+17%)

Where: Paris, France

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Farnborough International - 20 a 24 de julho

Farnborough International runs the world’s most prestigious aerospace events at Farnborough around the world, including the famous Farnborough International Airshow. We also host world class business events of all kinds at our newly opened 20,000 square metre exhibition and conference centre.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary company of the ADS Group. ADS is the premier trade organisation for over 1000 companies in the UK Aerospace, Defense and Space Sectors.

Farnborough International is the go-to destination and organisation for the pioneers of today and tomorrow, famous for delivering world class airshows and events.

Where: Farnborough - Reino Unido 

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55th 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, “Turbulent flows in Aerodynamic Applications” - 29 de junho a 01 de julho 2020

The 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics is an annual event organised by the French Aeronautics and Aerospace Society (3AF) at French venues known for their activity in the field of aeronautics and/or aerospace technology.

The conference is an excellent opportunity for scientific exchange between scientists from industry, research institutions and academia. Scientists and engineers from other fluid mechanics fields are also welcome.

Where: Poitiers, France

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IV IAA Latin American CubeSat Workshop - 2 a 6 de agosto 2020

The 4th International Academy of Astronautics Latin America Cubesat Workshop will be organized by INPE and UFSC, and it will keep the focus on topics related to CubeSat technology, providing a forum for scientists and engineers to discuss their achievements and cutting edge findings. The workshop will be held in Brazil, at the National Space Research Institute (INPE), which is the main space research institute in the Southern Hemisphere, and the most important institution in Earth System. It is a civilian centre for space activities aiming scientific research, technological applications and qualifying personnel in the fields of space and atmospheric sciences, space engineering, and space technology.


Important dates

  • Conference: 2-6 August 2020
  • Extended Abstract Submission: 19 da January 2020
  • Tutorial Proposal: 19 de January 2020
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline: 08 de March 2020
  • Acceptance Notification: 30 March 2020
  • Camera Ready: 01 June 2020


Where: São José dos Campos, Brazil

Other information.


Mundo GEO Connect e Drone Show - 1 a 3 de setembro 2020

O MundoGEO Connect está na sua 10ª Edição em 2020 e foi criado em 2010 com foco nas tecnologias associadas ao conceito do “onde”, isto é, à coleta, processamento, visualização, análise e utilização da informação geográfica na tomada de decisões.

Em 2015 criamos a DroneShow, que em 2020 está em sua 6ª edição com o objetivo de reunir a cadeia produtiva do setor para usos profissionais e mostrar as suas muitas aplicações disruptivas, indo muito além do mapeamento, como nas inspeções, agricultura de precisão, mineração, meio ambiente, segurança, entre outras.

Os eventos acontecem juntos pela sinergia de parte dos temas, participantes e expositores. Entretanto, a programação dos eventos atende também as ofertas e demandas específicas de cada setor. Pesquisas de satisfação realizadas entre os participantes e expositores sobre a realização dos dois eventos na mesma data e local apontam para aprovação de 93%.

Onde: São Paulo 

Mais informações.

AADexpo - 16 a 20 setembro 2020

The Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) is Africa’s only aerospace and defence expo that combines both a trade exhibition and an air show.

The event is hosted over a period of five days in the following format:

A 3-day trade exhibition: The trade exhibition showcases air, sea and land defence technologies, including a static aircraft display. It is open to media and trade visitors only.
A 2-day air show: The air show is a live demonstration of global aircraft and is open to media, trade and general public visitors.

Where: City of Tshwane, South Africa

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International Astronautical Congress - IAC2020 - 12 a 16 de outubro 2020

Once a year the global space community, its major players, its leaders, its decision makers, come together in an iconic meeting of minds, to work towards the advancement, the betterment of all humankind.

High-level stakeholders from space agencies and institutions around the world come together under one roof to exchange information and ideas, to share developments and advances, to swap insights, strategies and rising trends.

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) is the world’s premier space event. It is a one-of-a-kind assemblage, unmatched in scale and in scope, unequalled in its reach and its attendance, and in 2020, in a first for the country and a first for the entire region, it will be held in the UAE.

As official host of the seventy-first International Astronautical Congress — the IAC 2020 — the UAE will become the first-ever Arab country to host this annual, high profile gathering of the international space industry. Dubai will become the first city in the region to host the event in its seventy-year history.

We at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) are committed to making this event a resounding success. And we would like to invite you to be a part of this historic moment, to be a part of the UAE’s legacy.

Where: Dubai

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Conferência SARC/ECATS 2020 - 13 a 15 de outubro 2020

SARC Conference 2020 The second annual SARC meeting will run together with the third ECATS ( conference on “Making aviation environmentally sustainable” during 21st-23rd of April 2020 in Gothenburg. The meeting will create a unique opportunity for young Swedish aeronautics researchers within NFFP to disseminate their work to a high quality journal, compete for a research prize and take part of the most recent research on climate and the aviation.


Datas importantes para submissão de resumos

Submissão de resumos (300 palavras): 16 dez 2019
Notificação de aceitação de resumo: 17 Jan 2020
Registro antecipado de aves: 15 fev 2020
Resumo estendido (2-4 páginas): 20 de março de 2020

Where: Gotemburgo

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Fórum da Indústria Espacial - 27 e 29 de outubro

A quarta edição do Fórum da Indústria Espacial Brasileira será realizada no Parque Tecnológico, localizado na cidade de São José dos Campos, São Paulo, entre os dias 27 e 29 de outubro de 2020. Com o tema “Aplicações Espaciais”,  a ideia é explorar o desenvolvimento de diversas aplicações por meio da tecnologia espacial e demonstrar que o setor está presente no dia a dia da sociedade.

O Fórum da Indústria Espacial tornou-se uma referência para o setor  no Brasil. Em 2020, a Agência Espacial Brasileira (AEB), em parceria com o Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos, realizará o evento com o objetivo de estimular a participação do setor privado e criar um novo ambiente de negócios espaciais no Brasil.

A quarta  edição do Fórum busca fortalecer a cadeia de valor do setor espacial, identificar e atrair empresas do segmento de aplicações, e demonstrar por meio de sua transversalidade a importância da Economia Espacial para o desenvolvimento socioeconômico do País.

Nesta edição, o Fórum ocorrerá conjuntamente com a RM VALE TI, Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia e Inovação realizada pelo Parque Tecnológico São José dos Campos, que já está em sua 7ª edição e é referência do setor no estado de São Paulo.

Onde: São José dos Campos


Mexico Aerospace Summit - 27 a 28 outubro 2020

  • Learn why Mexico's Aerospace Industry has grown from 100 U.S. and European manufacturers in 2004 to over 330 in 2019. 
  • Gain knowledge of the competitive advantages aerospace manufacturers enjoy in Mexico. 
  • Participate in B2B meetings of Mexico's Aerospace Industry. 
  • Visit Aerospace Industry manufacturing plants in Queretaro. 
  • Visit the Exhibition of "Made in Mexico" Aerospace Products.
  • Interact with Mexico's aerospace products plant managers. 
  • Develop an itemized cost operating pro-forma of a potential offshore manufacturing project in Mexico. 
  • Hear from industry experts and OEM's about the opportunities to participate in Mexico's Aerospace Industry value chain. 
  • Learn details of aerospace intellectual property protection and BASA. 
  • Aerospace Industry analysis and trends and why Mexico might be the next frontier for this industry. 
  • Labor productivity aspects of the Aerospace Industry in Mexico. 
  • Current and future regional aerospace clusters in Mexico. 
  • Business dynamics of main Aerospace products manufacturers, demand forecast. 
  • Domestic and export markets. 
  • Aerospace logistics.

Where: Queretaro, Mexico

Other information.

ASCEND - 16 a 19 novembro 2020

ASCEND is a new event designed to drive the space economy forward. It’s the center of gravity for the space community—bringing technical and business leaders together to solve problems that affect our entire planet and beyond. It’s not just an engineering forum. It’s not just a business conference.

ASCEND is a platform for you to connect, debate, and shape the future.


Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Other information.

9th International Conference on Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components - 19 a 20 de novembro 2020

The R3ASC‘20 conference will address the latest developments in aerospace actuation since 2018, when more than a hundred twenty worldwide industrialists, specialists and  scientists attended the eighth R3ASC conference.

Where: Toulouse, France

.Other information

Amsterdam Drone Week - 1 a 3 de dezembro 2020


Amsterdam Drone Week is the global platform for sharing knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations and vital regulations. A top-level meeting point where all key players, big and small, commercial and non-commercial, from various industries, knowledge institutes and authorities, gather to co-create and co-operate. Creating urban air solutions together.


Other information. 

Saudi Airshow - 16 a 18 fevereiro 2021

The aim of Saudi International Airshow is to further connect the Aviation and Aerospace industry to Saudi Arabia. This event provides the perfect platform to connect professionals across all areas of the industry and promote successful worldwide trade.

Where: Riad, Arábia Saudita   

Other information.

SpaceOps 2020 - 03 a 07 março 2021

SpaceOps 2020 provides the opportunity for you to share missions’ experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions.

Held biennially since 1990, the conference will attract technologists, scientists, managers from agencies, academic and research institutions, operators and industry players, fostering managerial and technical interchanges on all aspects of space mission operations.

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Other information.

FAMEX - 4 a 6 março 2021

La Feria Aeroespacial México, evento organizado por la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional a través de la Fuerza Aérea Mexicana, inicia en el 2015 surgiendo como una iniciativa para impulsar a México en el Desarrollo Económico en el sector de la aeronáutico nacional, otorgándole la dirección del proyecto al General de Ala P.A. D.E.M.A. Rodolfo Rodríguez Quezada, Presidente del Comité Organizador, responsable de la planeación, organización y materialización del evento, quien continúa en la misma comisión hasta la fecha.

Su misión es establecer en México una Feria Aeroespacial internacional, sustentable, con prestigio y liderazgo, que genere atracción de Inversión Extranjera Directa, empleos en la comunidad aeronáutica nacional, que promueva la industria aeroespacial de México, la aviación civil y militar, la tecnología y productos de defensa, teniendo como sede la Base Aérea Militar No. 1 (Santa Lucía, Edo. Méx.).

La FAMEX es un evento singular en el mundo, porque es organizado por las Fuerzas Armadas de México y tiene actividades que la hacen única como: el Seminario de Inversión Extranjera, Foro de Educación Aeroespacial, Conferencias Técnicas, Aerospace Summit, Migración a la Industria Aeronáutica, Encuentro de Seguridad Aérea, Encuentro Empresarial de Industria Aeronáutica de México, Cumbre de Rectores y Congreso de Mujeres Líderes de la Sociedad y del Sector Aeroespacial, encuentros B2B, así como vuelos de demostración de aeronaves y exhibición estática. 

Donde: Santa Lucia, Mexico

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Aero Friedrichshafen - 14 a 17 abril 2021

Die Weltleitmesse für Allgemeine Luftfahrt feiert in diesem Jahr die 28. Auflage.
Was vor vierzig Jahren mit einer Handvoll Segelflugzeugen und Motorseglern als kleine Flugsport-Ausstellung im Rahmen einer Automobilausstellung gelauncht wurde, hat sich inzwischen zum weltweit wichtigsten Branchentreff entwickelt. Zahlreiche Aussteller haben der AERO von Beginn an die Treue gehalten, viele neue sind über die Jahre hinzugekommen und haben maßgeblich zur erfolgreichen Entwicklung der AERO Friedrichshafen beigetragen.

In über 200  Vorträgen und Workshops geben hochkarätige Referenten Antworten auf Ihre Fragen, präsentieren neue Entwicklungen der Branche und diskutieren aktuelle Themen, die die Allgemeine Luftfahrt bewegen.

Where: Friedrichshafen

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